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    In today's technology driven world, anyone can book online, but will they receive the same value and service as someone who booked with Indulgence Vacations? We think not!

    Booking online usually requires hours of researching options, pricing, reviews, and up-to-date travel information.  It also means personally navigating problems, delays, cancellations, emergencies, and supplier hold times.  Also, no two individuals are the same and neither are their travel needs; reviewing information online can be misleading as one individual's review may not accurately reflect the services being offered; or the services offered may not truly meet the individual's actual travel needs.

    At Indulgence Vacations, travel is our passion. We take pride in offering professional and personalized services to meet your needs.  We use our experience, knowledge & training, and industry contacts to offer our clients stress-free, honest, and dedicated travel services every step of the way; before, during, and after travel.

    Understanding your needs

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    The more information, the better!
    Quotes are based on the information we receive. In order for us to offer a seamless quoting experience and provide the most suitable options for your needs, it's important to communicate all relevant details up-front.
    Setting realistic expectations.
    We all want the best of everything, and rightfully so! As travel is constantly evolves to meet new and current trends, it's important for travellers to set realistic expectations goals and avoid disappointment.  Part of our service is to review and discuss your request and maximize your experience by utilizing all available resources and expectations.
    Are you ready to book?
    We are happy to discuss your travel needs but it's important to remember supplier availability and pricing can change quickly.  It's best to request a quote when you are ready to book so you are presented with the most accurate information for your adventure. 
    Do you charge fees?
    Depending on the service request, planning and booking fees could apply.  Once we review and discuss your request, we will have a better understanding of what's required and how we can best assist you.  Any required planning or booking fees will be discussed upfront.  However, if additional quotes and renditions are required as the process unfolds, this could change (and why we ask for all pertinent details upfront).


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