Giving Back

    Giving back to local communities

    Local businesses helping local communities; together let's make a difference.

    We believe it's important to give back to our communities, to grow stronger, together.

    At the beginning of each month, we select a local charity doing amazing work within our community and show them our support by making a donation for each vacation package booked.
    For January 2023, we have selected Out of the Cold Halifax as our charity of choice.

    Out of the Cold Halifax supports individuals to find a safe and healthy home.
    To learn more about their programs, needs, and how you can help too, please click here.

    Out of the Cold Community Association

    Value of donation based on value of vacation package:
    Packages $4500 to $6500
    $75 Donation
    Packages $6501 to $8500
    $100 Donation
    Packages $8501 to $10,000
    $125 Donation
    Packages $10,001 to $15,000
    $150 Donation
    Packages $15,001 to $20,000
    $175 Donation
    Packages $20,001+
    $200 Donation

    Terms & Conditions:
    Vacation Packages eligible for donation: 5+ night All-Inclusive Vacation, Tour, Cruise Itinerary; or any hotel & flight package which includes a round trip flight and (minimum) 3 night hotel stay.